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Long ago, Chicago was home. One day, I was daydreaming in school and saw an airplane outside the window. Always wanted to be a wanderer, and I thought airplanes were the ticket to cure my wanderlust. One thing led to another and I got a MS in Aeronautical Engineering at Illinois University.

My work career started in California where I did "boundary layer" studies for one of the big airplane factories. That sure was boring, and I didn't get to travel. By this time I had a pilot license, a few ratings (nothing out-of the ordinary), including my CFII. So I applied to TWA (and fortunately was turned down). Finally, I got interviewed by United and was surprized they asked me back.

Yes, I flew in and out of the old Hong Kong airport. But NO, those pics and videos weren't me. Sheesh, I always gotta answer that question.

Now-a-days, I have been retired for quite a while, lost most of my pension thanks to the criminals. I limit my activities to fondling my little airplanes instead of stewardesses and giving checkrides and BFRs to a limited group of pilots who fly old (or unique) planes.
One day, I went to school to get checked out in a new glass-cockpit 747. I commented to the instructor "...now I know how my dog feels when he's watching the TV."
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